Bitcoin mining
made easy

Bitfarms Pool provides you with the perfect set-up to easily get your fair share in the Bitcoin mining world.

Super low fee
of 1% Hybrid PPS *
24/7 around-the-clock
revenue potential

What is
Bitfarms Pool?

Bitfarms is a publicly traded company that owns and operates a completely secure mining pool for Bitcoin.

Focused on transparent and highly effective AsicBoost compatible mining technologies, Bitfarms strives to empower individual miners by providing a simple and convenient mining pool.

100% Canadian owned
and operated
mining pool.

See for yourself what makes
Bitfarms Pool the ideal mining solution VIA BTC
Method of pmt Hybrid PPS FPPS PPS+
Reward - fee rate 1% 4%
Tx fees shared
Tx fees - fee rate 1% 2%
Referral program
Method of pmt Hybrid PPS
Reward - fee rate 1%
Tx fees shared
Tx fees - fee rate 1%
Referral program
Method of pmt FPPS
Reward - fee rate
Tx fees shared
Tx fees - fee rate
Referral program
Method of pmt PPS+
Reward - fee rate 4%
Tx fees shared
Tx fees - fee rate 2%
ASIC Boost
Referral program

Key features

Well-established company
Bitcoin-focused pool
Outstanding support
User-friendly interface
Experienced team in mining and blockchain technology
AsicBoost compatible
Low pool fee
Transaction fees shared between miners
Clear fee structure
Quick registration

Coming soon
Referral Program

Bitfarms Pool offers a referral program.
This program allows you to receive 50% of the fees paid to the pool for every miner that has registered using your referral link.

Referral link coming soon, stay tuned

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9160 Boulevard Leduc, #312
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J4Y 0E3
[email protected]