Computing power
to reshape the world

Bitfarms strives to develop the ecosystem growing around blockchain-based technologies.

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Powering blockchain with sustainable energy

Bitfarms owns and operates blockchain farms that power the modern digital landscape of the economy.

Located in Eastern Canada, where the climate, the open space and the accessibility to hydroelectricity, a clean and renewable energy mean a sustainable approach is prioritized and enforced, just as much as a healthy bottom line.

Special announcement

Our operational efficiency is aligned to create the optimal environment for growth. Our impressive cost structure, enabled by long-term, affordable electricity and real-estate leasing costs, allows us to maintain profitability.
Wes Fulford
Chief Executive Officer
Bitfarms’ yields an impressive economic return through regular sales of mined coins, but also through strategic redeployment of proceeds into ongoing growth. Seizing investment opportunities is built into the financial architecture of our company.
John Rim
Chief Financial Officer
Our goal is to build a fully vertically integrated company around the blockchain technology. We want to depend only on energy, and nothing else.
Pierre-Luc Quimper
President of Operations, Founder & Director
We are developing an ecosystem around blockchain-based technologies. We are an active part of a major socio-economic and technological shift
Émiliano Grodzki
Chief Strategy Officer, Founder and Director
Building the infrastructure that holds our future

Operations overview

Current operations
4 facilities
27.5 MW
~200 PH/S
5 facilities
130 MW
1178 PH/S
Quebec, Canada
10 MW
Quebec, Canada
10 MW
Quebec, Canada
6.5 MW
Quebec, Canada
1 MW
Sherbrooke 1
Quebec, Canada
42 MW
Sherbrooke 2
Quebec, Canada
38 MW
Sherbrooke 3
Quebec, Canada
18 MW
Quebec, Canada
10 MW
Cowansville 2
Quebec, Canada
12 MW
Quebec, Canada
5 MW
Current Operations
Bitfarms owns and operates one of the largest cryptocurrency mining operations in North America

Hosting tomorrow’s growth

Through reliable skill

Bitfarms is built on a strong, well-managed team of over 100 talents. This 100% vertically integrated operation handles everything from design, construction as well as operations. With a leadership that is involved at the core of it all.

How Bitfarms remains top tier

Bitfarms stands its ground as leader of blockchain value creation because its expertise is based on thorough insights and first-hand experience. Since 2009, investments and breakthroughs have been made throughout the world by our management and its supporting teams.

Management team and board of directors

The leaders of blockchain
value creation

Wes Fulford

Chief Executive Officer

John Rim

Chief Financial Officer

Pierre-Luc Quimper

President of Operations, Founder & Director

Nicolas Bonta

Chairman & Founder

Emiliano Grodzki

Chief Strategy Officer, Founder & Director

Mathieu Vachon

Director of Software Engineering & Founder

Competitive advantages

100% owned and operated farms

Design, construction, and operations; all mastered in-house by our 100+ employees and contractors.

Clean & renewable energy

With low hydroelectricity rates, reliable infrastructures, innovative universities and supportive policymakers, the province of Quebec provides ideal conditions.

Superior technical know-how

After having created the largest independent hosting companies in Canada, our founders have assembled a leadership team that possesses unparalleled technical expertise.

Efficient procurement and maintenance

Excellent reciprocal relationships with leading chip and hardware manufacturers translate to quick turnaround and sustainable growth.

Developing a public mining pool

Direct pool ownership and administration will increase transaction fees and profit margins on daily coin rewards.

100% owned electrical contractors

With a team of 21 electricians in-house and other experts, we can easily manage 24/7 shifts and expedited facility buildouts.

Outstanding return on investment

Regular sale of mined coins followed by redeployment of proceeds into ongoing growth can only lead to one thing: superior economic return.

On-site repair lab & training center

With its own lab and training center devoted to microelectronic hardware repair, the need to ship overseas is eliminated, downtime is reduced and quality repairs are ensured.

Discover why
bitfarms is different

What is actually farmed by Bitfarms?

Our farms provide computing power to cryptocurrency networks such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and dash. Bitfarms secures and processes transactions 24/7, acting as a powerful platform that enables efficient exchanges.
Not just about cryptocurrency nor is it about one single element of the blockchain ascension; Bitfarms works at the core level, on the structure itself of this new way of thinking, doing and exchanging.
Bitfarms strives to develop the ecosystem growing around blockchain-based technologies. By not only generating sustainable value for investors but for local and global communities, Bitfarms is an active part of a major socio-economic and technological shift.

Bitfarms Technologies Ltd.

Backbone Hosting Solutions Inc. completed the reverse acquisition of Bitfarms Technologies Ltd. (TASE & OTC: BLLCF) (formerly Blockchain Mining Ltd.) in April 2018. Bitfarms Technologies Ltd. was primarily focused on making investments in land and natural resource assets, and continues to hold these investments. The investments consist primarily of iron deposits located in the United States.